New Corporate Identity For SurveyMonkey: Introducing Momentive

Zander Lurie
3 min readJun 9, 2021


Ever heard of SurveyMonkey? Odds are high you’ll answer in the affirmative. SurveyMonkey created the online survey category and has defined it for over 20 years. We are proud that the brand is synonymous with effortless online feedback. But a lot has changed since 1999.

Our success has enabled us to create new products over the years, including our solution for enterprise feedback management, SurveyMonkey Enterprise; our customer experience solution, GetFeedback; and our cutting-edge brand and market insights solutions, formerly known as SurveyMonkey Market Research Solutions. With this powerful portfolio, it became clear that we needed a corporate identity that reflected the full breadth of our capabilities, from our self-serve survey solution to our enterprise products.

That’s why we are doing more than just rebranding — we are relaunching. Meet Momentive.

Momentive combines the power of people and technology

Momentive reflects a larger shift in our organization

Momentive is an agile experience management company focused on helping customers shape what’s next. This new positioning reflects a reality that’s existed for a few years now: More than 8,800 enterprise customers, including IBM, Puma, LG Electronics, and many more, rely on our solutions to deliver insights and shape experiences for customers, employees, and other key stakeholders, with many customers using two or more of our products. We partner closely with other leading enterprise companies like Salesforce, Zoom, Microsoft, and ServiceNow to deliver seamless integrations that power better business decision-making.

The name SurveyMonkey will remain as our beloved, category-defining product brand, and through Momentive we will establish a fresh page on which to expand our story.

We help customers shape what’s next. We started by reshaping ourselves.

We developed the new brand using our own solutions to gain insights directly from employees, customers, and the market through ten studies across seven countries and over 22,000 respondents. This agile research helped us zero in on three core areas of strength:

  • Speed and agility: Our solutions in Market Insights, Brand Insights, Employee Experience, Customer Experience, and Product Experience empower decision-makers at 345,000 companies worldwide, at all levels of expertise, to get critical insights in hours or days, not weeks or months.
  • AI, redefined: Momentive is an AI-powered platform that aims to be anything but “artificial.” Artificial intelligence appears across our solutions and is a key feature that powers our capabilities, but when we say AI, we mean that we strive to help our customers be agile, adaptive, and authentic. We help our customers make sense of vast amounts of data fast, and take action with confidence. Our industry-leading AI-powered platform is built on humanity: each month, there are more than 150 million predictions completed on our platform, drawing from the 25 million questions answered on our platform every day. This focus is also reflected in our URL — we chose the .ai domain for to highlight the AI and machine learning that underpins our technology. With ethics in AI increasingly taking center stage, Momentive aims to be a leader in AI built by a diverse community of experts.
  • Amplified voices. Our vision is to raise the bar for human experiences by amplifying individual voices. Our products are designed to understand people’s perspectives, embrace new ideas, advance equality, and push for equity in both business and society.

To put it plainly, we aim to put people at the heart of everything we do.

So, hi. We’re Momentive. We’re here to help you shape what’s next.



Zander Lurie